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Trust in US – Believe in the Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since 1999 in the industry, we have established ourselves as #1 Swiss Pioneers and through our experience, have developed the winning formula for a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

Our objective is to identify your unique requirements and together define a process in place that will entail your business and strategic goals. Our top priority for all of our tailored Search Engine Optimization Services is your company’s return on investment.

SEO Consultancy:
Together we can help you to define your company’s strategy and provide you with guidance long or short-term.
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SEO Packages:
SEO Packages are a combination of all SEO Services your website needs right now to bring it to the top.
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Strategy Consultation:
Ensuring that your company reaches its target goals by providing you with an easy explanation on the exact sequence to follow in order to get there.
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Entry Analysis:
Analysis of your website with respect to its positioning in relations to search engines and examine the potential it has for search engine optimization.
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Conversion Analysis:
Monitoring the activity of visitors on your website – identifying who has purchased something or not along with monitoring what keywords convert to actual sales / contacts and identifying those keywords for future strategy.
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Competition Analysis:
Identifying your online competitors and discovering those whom you may not be aware – finding out your competitor’s strategy in order to adjust your company’s strategic direction.
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Full Analysis:
A complete overall analysis of your company's website.
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Visibility Report:
A report of your website and competitors which will give you a clearer understanding of your market share on online business.
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On-page Optimization:
Structures in “search engine language” which enables the search engines to fully understand your website and rank it in the search results – on-page optimization will structure your page and makes it understandable for search engines.
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Off-page Optimization:
Factors that have an effect on your website or webpage listing in search results which are not controlled by you or the coding of your page.
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Statistics Monitoring / Reporting:
This will provide you with a full understanding on the impact of your monthly sales and overall performances – a clear vision of where exactly your sales were converted. We will show you from which point the customer arrived, to where they browsed on your website pages and what they found or did not find while visiting your sit - An ultimate tool to help you improve your weak areas.
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Link Building:
By creating "quality" inbound links, your website will not only improve with search engine ranking, but will bring direct traffic to your site as well as increase your popularity and importance.
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Social Media Marketing:
A popular and effective business tool for companies who want more online presence and attract traffic.
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Online Reputation Management:
Online Reputation has a decisive influence on a company's success.
FairTech helps you to observe and to manage this factor...
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Pay Per Click (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter...):
Increase number of clicks to your website; efficient and effective optimization which reduces the cost per click.
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Project Management:
Help simplify your life by assigning a single point-of-contact during the works performed with one of our team of experts.
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Mobile optimization and SEO
The importance of having a mobile friendly website.
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