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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is also known as ORM. It refers to the monitoring of a company's or an individual's reputation in the internet in terms of potentially harmful content.
In this process e.g. customer feed backs and other publications are observed in order to detect problems at an early stage.

Why you should care about your online reputation?

Reputation management in most cases is used to downsize negative search results.
Those results can occur due to negative customer's feedbacks which might even not be true.

But it can also be misused for the opposite purpose, as it can be tempting to influence things in one's advantage.
There are Companies that hire people to review and rate bad products and make them appear to be good products.
FairTech Ltd. strongly recommends not to opt for this kind of campaigns, this unethical ORM can even be negative for the company if their tactics become public. We are working for a better internet experience for everyone, and this is the reason why we would never work for a campaign like that.

What we can do for your reputation

There are many points that can be done, or in some cases even need to be done, to improve the online reputation in a serious and effective way.

It may start from improving the way how your company is listed and presented in search results until monitoring and addressing issues on people's reviews on forums review sites and other web2websites/applications, as well as encourage real customers to share candid reviews.
Other steps could be to reply to complaints of customers, to take into account customers' feedback in product development or endeavor to ensure that incorrect information is removed from websites.

Search engine results change continuously, based on algorithm changes, social media, recent news and other factors. This also means that the results of your website may change frequently.
Establishing and managing a positive online reputation therefore is a steady process that is important for your success.

We can analyze your reputation in the internet and advise you what needs to be done.

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