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Fine Steels and Metals

What we highly appreciate at FairTech, is their regularity in work on our project. They have a "red thread" and all actions are running in accordance with it.

FairTech's work has highly contributed in the success of our company.

They continuously adapt the strategy to achieve the best possible results for us.

It is remarkable how well their employees who are entrusted with our project learned the roots of our subject matter / industry during the years.

Starting from an impulse we give concerning our desires and needs, they are always able to recognize them and independently translate them into the requirements necessary to increase our success on the Internet.

Since we have been working with FairTech for many years, they know and respect our corporate ethics, they know what is in our interest and what is not, and they correspondingly represent this very well.

Olivier Schiess (co-owner)
Klein AG