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Mobile Optimization for SEO

Since early 2017 it is official that Google penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

What happens when a website is optimized for mobile devices?

If somebody performs a search for services and products using a mobile device, such as a tablet or mobile phone, in the search results those websites that are mobile friendly are favored in order to return a good experience for their users.
So, Google will place mobile optimized websites in the 1st positions of their search results.

What does it mean for you if your website is not mobile friendly?

Depending on region and industry we can see in the statistics of our customers that between 20 and 70% of the visitors enter the web from mobile devices. This means, if your website is not mobile friendly, but the ones of your competitors are, you will lose this business.
So it is very important for your online success to have your website optimized for mobiles.

How we can help you

The technical check and test is a part of our SEO entry analysis. We can advice you what has to be done, we can integrate this points in our strategy and work on it in order to adjust what is necessary.

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