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Google Places is the online equivalence to Yellow Pages / Business Directory hardcopy books. People’s initial reactions are to search for businesses online so it is crucial for your company’s success to be listed and easily found on and Google Maps.

As of 2012, Google has merged Google local listing with Google+ and Google Place / Map, which has proven to be one of the most important changes made in Google for businesses worldwide during the past 5 years.

With Google Places, you will have the exposure you so desire as this brings users and their local businesses together, both online and in the real world by giving you the opportunity to share even more information about your business with Google.

What can we do for you?

  • Place your business in the Google local listing
  • Optimize your listing by creating pictures and a map
  • Optimize your company’s overall presence and services
  • List your company in the most relevant local directories (region & industry)
  • Increase your company’s visibility online
  • As well, target internet users searching Google for local products and services

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